Film Review: The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep


The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is a fantasy family adventure based on the book by Dick King-Smith , Directed by Jay Russell (My Dog Skip) and staring Alex Etel, possibly better known for his shining turn in Danny Boyle’s Millions , Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin.

Angus MacMarrow is a lonely boy living in Scotland during World War II. With his father having gone away to war Angus fills his days playing alone around the local Loch, His life is changed forever upon finding a strange egg which he decides to take home. This is no ordinary egg as Angus discovers when it hatches and the only living ‘Water Horse’ is born, or to use the more common name the mythical Scottish Creature a Nessie. Angus name’s the creature Crusoe and decides to keep him as a pet, but as Crusoe grows Angus discovers he can’t keep him hidden forever.

A heart warming film about friendship and family which all ages will enjoy. I know I read the book as a child but sadly I don’t remember much of it to compare with the film, it never stuck in my mind as much as ’The Sheep-Pig’ , ’The Queen’s Nose’ or ’Magnus Powermouse’. I was surprised at how much I liked this film, the acting by Alex Etal was top notch yet again and I can see him as a child actor to watch. The special effects and Creature creation by Weta Digital and the Weta Workshop were great and brought a living breathing Nessie to life on the big screen. I personally really liked Crusoe’s creature design, you can really see the real animal references they used in creating his expressions shining through from dogs to whales and dolphins, The effects at times are flawlessly merged with the live action cinematography. By the end of the film I was left wanting a pet ‘water horse’ of my very own. A touching, heart warming film for all ages and a possible future family favourite.