Manga Review – First Love Sisters Vol. 1


My second review from Seven Sea’s Strawberry Line is First Love Sisters Vol 1, written by Mako Komao and art by Mizuo Shinonome.This is very much along the usual yuri vein of within an all girls school an underclassman falls for her Senpai, or is it indeed the other way around in this one? Either way this story explores how you always remember your first love.

Chika Matsuzato attends an open day for Tsunokamizaka Girls’ Academy there she meets Haruna Kizaki a cool and beautiful upperclassman who just happens to have been assigned to show Chika around the school. After spending some time together and Chika acquiring a handkerchief from Haruna. Chika vows to pass the school’s entrance exam so she can see Haruna again. The question is does Haruna feel the same way?

I will say I loved this manga it is at times too kawaii for words. Chika is adorable as the often stereotypical clumsy and bumbling younger girl who will do anything for the affection of the cool, calm but beautiful Haruna. The story does have a few twists to keep the reader interested and I guess I am a sucker for high school romances. This manga really managed to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I can definitely see this as a story I may read again to make myself smile. The story is sweet rather than in your face like other yuri volumes and at times reminded me of the Maria-Sama Ga Miteru manga but with more emphasis on the yuri.

The Art is really pretty and to me it was pretty eye-catching, I particularly liked Haruna’s character design, and Chika is about as Moe as you can get. It was nice to see that Seven Seas kept the colour plates intact, as they really do add to the overall feeling of the manga. I am eagerly awaiting Volume 2 of this which comes out in December to see how Chika and Haruna’s relationship develops. This is a manga I would recommend to any Yuri fan who want’s to read something that will put a happy smile on their face for the rest of the day.

Story – 8/10 – I love high school relationships and this one is beyond adorable. It does feel like a more intense Marimite with the girls actually noticing each other. I especially loved when Haruna was tutoring Chika and how Chika was really intent to getting Haruna’s attention as it is kawaii to see the usually calm girls blush.
Characters – 8/10 – Possibly slightly recycled within the yuri genre of the Cool, Beautiful dark haired older girl and the fairer haired moe younger girl romance. But if something isn’t broken why try to fix it as this combination to me at least works every time.
Art- 7/10 РVery pretty artwork, possibly not as polished as some other titles but still it was nice eye candy, the designs though clich̩ were adorable and the inclusion of the colour plates is a very nice touch.