Film Review – The Eye (2008)

Eye, The

The Eye is a remake of the Hong Kong Psychological Horror Jian Gui but of course with the added Hollywood gloss of Jessica Alba. This time around the story is directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud.

Sydney Wells was blinded in an accident at 5 years of age, after having one failed cornea transplant at the age of 12 she managed to build quite a successful life for herself as an accomplished violinist. The tale of horror begins after she finally has a cornea transplant after what seems to be her persistent sister begging her to. All is not well with these new eyes as Sydney quickly realises what she’s seeing isn’t what every one else does. Just who did these eyes belong to before her?, why does the world keep changing around her? And why do spectral entities keep appearing?

I can’t say I was overly excited about seeing this film, after having seen Jian Gui several years ago and jumping out of my skin on several occasions I couldn’t see a need for a remake. Sadly this film seems to go down the same murky and disappointing road as every other Asian Horror Hollywood remake. The story just don’t translate as well within American culture. The acting was at times very wooden and the story wasn’t handled at all well, being full of cheap glossed over thrills which I can only see being enjoyable on DVD if there happened to be alcoholic beverages involved. If you want to see a genuinely scary, psychological horror then rent Jian Gui and leave this mess in the bargain bucket. This film was only made for those who are unwilling to watch a by far superior version due to it being subtitled. My advice go see the Orphanage instead.