Britney Hits it Baby Anime Style


Or Break(s) the Ice to be more exact, Britney Spears has released a new Anime style music video for her song “Break the Ice”. The Animation production was done jointly by Korean company Motif RMC and Los Angeles based HSI Productions, with the post production being carried out by 310 studios and the animation itself created by Korean Studio Animal. What will be interesting now is what impact this video actually has on the western world when it comes to anime. I believe most people are aware this video is a clever PR stunt by JIVE due to Britney being in no current condition to star in the video herself. I’m unsure if it is just me but the video appears to draw heavily on Anime classics such as GitS and I am also reminded of the animated sequences used in Kill Bill.

Whatever the impact on the anime industry or indeed the reception by anime fans, I’m sure Britney will end up with a hit on her hands and a very interesting video to add to her repertoire. Only time will tell if other bands will choose to follow suit and embrace anime yet again as a clever marketing ploy, one wonders if this will start a resurgence of anime influenced music videos. Either way the video is an interesting watch.

  • Well this isn’t the first time this century, we think anime may have influence a music video. Look at Kanye’s Stronger video.