Nokia N95 – Handy Calendar for Symbian 60 Review

Thanks to the recent promotion by Handango called “Free App Friday” I got my hands on a very nice alternative to the built in calendar program on the Nokia N95 called Handy Calendar. I’ve been looking for a replacement for the default one on the mobile as while it was functional, I couldn’t help but wanting a bit more from it.
Employing several views such as Month, Week, Day, and Tasks it allows you to easily view your schedule at a glance with varying levels of detail.

For example on Month and Week all your event and birthday icons are on display to help remind you of your busy lifestyle. A neat touch is the “Busy Bar” which estimates how busy your workload is for the day as a visual reminder to stick to your tasks.

HandyCalendar01 HandyCalendar05

In the Day View a detailed report of your tasks are shown along with a time scale at the top to again help you with your timekeeping. Task View is just that, listing all the tasks created thus far with filters, so you can sort them out by Due Date, Subject or Priority.

HandyCalendar02 HandyCalendar03

Using Handango Calendar is a very simple affair and for me I’ve defaulted it to appear in Monthly view. By highlighting any day of the month and pressing the centre button, you get an option to add a new Default Entry which are the following:

• Appointment
• Reminder
• All day event
• Anniversary
• Task

To make things even quicker you can just simply press any keypad button and the default Appointment is made so you just fill in the Subject, Location, Start & End times as well as the Start & End dates. You can even assign an alarm and additional notes about the appointment for later viewing. Very handy.

Pressing the Star key enables you to toggle the default view modes which is useful to keep on the ball of all the events you have and it imports any birthdays you have in your contacts too which is a neat touch.

The presentation is crisp and clear with multiple levels of zoom for the text and support for multiple languages. It also integrates with the original Calendar database which means you can easily sync it to your Outlook and vice versa.

In all, a very competent Calendar for the Nokia N95 which replaces the default one with a better interface and options to help schedule your daily routine. For free you cannot argue having Handango Calendar on your mobile, however I don’t know how much it costs in the UK… The site lists it as $39.95 and for that price you might have second thoughts about buying it unless you really require it.

  • mayur

    can i make handy calender open by default when i click on my calender in active standby mode?

  • I have Active Standby turned off (I like shortcuts via D-Pad more) however you can configure your Active Standby Shortcuts to basically display any program you wish. So if you assign one of the icons there with the Handy Calender program then it will open just fine.

    I use this almost daily and it is miles better than the default organiser. I hope that helps with your questio mayur, if not then ask away!