The premise of this fantastic anime follows the life of some school girls during their normal life. How normal? Well if you count waking up one day and becoming a God as normal (of course!).

This anime is very much a “Slice of Life” title following the main characters through their daily lives as they explore their newly found powers. Yuirie is the born again God who has yet to awaken her powers while her best friend Mitsue dismisses the whole episode, thinking it is just a phase. Together along with a friend who runs the local shrine, Matsuri, they embark on a journey of discovery not only about themselves but the world around them.


Throughout the anime you can sense a Hayao Miyazaki aura just as the art style is similar and the spiritual concepts of Earth Spirits and Gods. If you have seen a Miyazaki move before (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, etc) then you know that it is not just a single large element that makes the anime – It is the sum of all the small details and touches that excel the adventure cast upon the characters.

One thing you will notice right away about Kamichu is the art and animation. It is crystal clear and it is obvious that the operating budget for this anime is larger than most. The fact that it is in High Definition too is a huge bonus and really has to be seen in action. The animation is fluid, crisp and the backgrounds are detailed, portraying a dual world of humans and Gods rather well.

Overall this series has great potential and from the three episodes I have seen it is certainly moving in the right direction. If there is a Miyazaki fan out there then they must watch this anime. It is cute, compelling and fresh amongst the many sub-par clichéd anime titles currently out. Highly recommended!



  • Superb artwork, animation and its in High Definition!
  • Great character design, enchanting storyline
  • None threatening for all ages


  • Not for action hungry seekers
  • Might be a bit slow initially for some
  • Currently unlicensed

Score – 08/10