Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 price for Europe

Xbox 360 Elite console

Following on from the price reduction in the US, Microsoft has announced that European consumers will be able to purchase the Xbox 360 console at a new lower price.

From August 24th, the Xbox 360 in the UK will go down to £249.99 (349.99 Euros) which represents a cut of £30. For the Core console – which doesn’t feature the twenty gigabytes hard drive – this will be reduced by £20 to a new price tag of £179.99 (279.99 Euros).

Why the price cuts? Microsoft is facing stiff competition in the video console market from rivals Nintendoand Sony. It is not surprising that the Wii console is more popular due to its attractive price and motion-sensor controls.

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox 360 Elite will go on sale this Friday. The Elite edition will feature a bigger hard drive (120 gigabytes) and an HDMI port (offering true High Definition gaming) – all in a new black finish. The Elite will have an “estimated” retail price of £299.99 (449.99 Euros).

  • Snige66

    You listening Sony?

  • The new low-cost price of the Xbox 360s are now available. Perfect timing as one of the hottest games is out. BioShock really showcase the true might of the console’s performance and its fantastic fun.

    If you haven’t got one, buy the Elite version. For current owners, the current Xbox 360 is still acceptable so there is no need to upgrade. Err, make that essential when you get the RED RING OF DEATH!